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  • Every tenant has a unique set of complex needs, ranging from the number of bedrooms or bathrooms to parking spaces or even pet needs. Renters Vine provides up to date information and resources, community profiles, and rental statistics for your area. 
  • Renters Vine offers three different search options:


  • Simply enter an ‘address’, select the ‘property type’, ‘number of bedrooms and baths’ and your price range. 


  • Beside the map interface, select your criteria; enter an ‘address’, select the ‘property type’, ‘number of bedrooms and baths’ and your price range, etc.


  • This option is used when you can't find a property in your desired community. All you have to do is enter an ‘address’, select the ‘property type’, ‘number of bedrooms and baths’ and your price range and save your search. You will get notifications what a property is listed in that community or area.
  • You also have a suggestion in terms of your yearly income so are not house poor


  • Set up a "Home Wish List" Ad using the Accommodation Wanted Feature, so Property Managers can contact you with their rentals. Just create an account, login and post your ad.
  • The Save Search Feature -  this signs you up to receive New Listing Alerts by email within the hour of a matching rental listing being posted. After you find a place, simply press the Unsubscribe link found in any of the notification emails you have received, and the system will unsubscribe your alert.
  • A lot of this will be personal preference. Check out the Community Profile pages, and the Map Search. Do you want to live within a certain distance of a reference point (job location, a local landmark, etc.)? If so, try the Proximity Search, and then set up a New Listing Alert.

  • You can also use the Accommodation Wanted section of the website. Post your ad and a property might contact you.  

  • Yes, online! We have made the process extremely easy for you so you can save time, money and be extremely organized. You can activate the form at the point when you are listing the property for a fee. This feature will allow a potential tenant to apply online and you can do a preliminary screening before you go any further down the process.
  • Click the List a Property button at the top of any page. If you do not already have an account, go to the Create a New Account area, and fill in the blanks to start the process. Once the account has been created, you will be taken to a new form where you fill in the rental property details, including uploading your pictures. If you are new, your five properties within a 180 day period is on us! Payment is made after selecting the payment option desired and pressing the Submit button at the bottom of the form.

Note: New listings go active immediately.

  • Debit and Credit cards are accepted online (anytime) and guarantee instant activation. This option also always a bank transfer. 
  • By SMS transfer *966*2*Accountnumber#
  • You can also make a bank deposit.
    • Use the details below (Activation will occur upon confirmation of payment. Send an email to info@rentersvine.com with a copy of your slip)

      • Account Name - VOOY Technology Services Ltd (Zenith Bank)
      • Account Number -  1016212894      
  • A receipt is automatically sent to the email address associated with your account. Receipts are also saved and accessible anytime within the “Payment History” area of your Renters Vine account dashboard.
  • Depending on when you check, your listing will show as recently listed on the home page until 8 more new properties are listed. After that period, where your listing shows in the results is entirely dependent on what you enter into the search criteria, and also how you sort the resulting listings. It will vary based on how broad of a search you choose to create. If you take a look at the search page you will see that there are a variety of ways to search for listings, and each different combination will yield different results.
  • If you have paid to feature your listing, it will show to anyone searching the community or neighbourhood you have listed your property Please ensure you have listed your rental property in the correct categories. You can check this by looking at what is currently selected in your "Edit Listing" area.
  • In the "My Properties" section on your dashboard, select your property, click on ‘Actions’ find the ‘map marker’. From there you can drag the ‘map marker’ to the exact location of your rental listing.
  • Check out other properties on the site to gauge what the competition is offering.
  • Renters Vine makes this easy for you. From the "Edit Listing" area, click the "Similar Properties" button to see similar properties, average and high/low pricing - all based on the distance from your rental property location. You can also adjust the automated search form.
  • We also suggest doing some additional research and asking anyone in your personal or professional network who has Rented their property in the past for suggestions.
  • Yes, we do! When you have an active listing, check out the "Full Market Stats" area (from within the "Edit Listing" area). The stats area offers current and historical stats with a multitude of filtering options including city sections, neighbourhoods, points of interest, property type, and a number of bedrooms. The feature plots pricing and the number of available rentals on graphs, so you can easily locate trends in the rental market.
  • From the Edit My Listings area, or at the bottom of the "Edit Listing" page you can monitor the number of views your listing has received. The views can be seen in daily, weekly or monthly formats. If you have reactivated the listing, we keep the historical views, so you can compare how many views you receive this rental period compared to the number you received during the last one.
  • Listings have expiration dates to help maintain the site with relevant rental listings.
  • If your property listing nears the expiration date, you will receive an email from Renters Vine 7 days prior to the date. The email asks you if your property has been rented and if you need the listing extended, free of charge. Please select the option that best suits your response and your wish will be executed.
  • If you use the RentNow feature, the process will automatically take care of itself. The property will be marked as Rented and removed from the site after the normal cause of your advertisement is complete.
  • If you have chosen not to use the RentNow feature, you will have to go in and mark the property rented.
    • Go to your dashboard, select my properties, and mark Rented.
    • If your property has tentatively been Rented, please don't hesitate to mark the listing as Rented. If something happens to the agreement you have - we will reactivate your listing free of charge.
  • If the tenant backs out, or if they never show, or if something else happens that's out of your control - just contact us and we will be glad to reactivate your listing free of charge and it will stay active until a rental has been successfully rented.
  • Can’t wait? If you cannot reach us immediately, you can pay to reactivate the listing and we will refund the payment as soon as we receive your message.
  • No problem, please contact us and we will take the ad off for you and when you are fully ready we will activate the ad for you (no extra charges).
  • Receipts are emailed automatically at the time of payment. However, they are also saved for your convenience through the site. There are two ways to print receipts once you are logged into your account: Select "Payment History" on your dashboard, and then click on the "transaction" button to view an invoice. You can download as a pdf or email to yourself.
  • Yes, everything should be saved within your account. If you do not see the ad there, please contact us and we will try to locate it for you.
  • It is an automatic email that might be blocked by your email service. Please check your spam/junk folder. If it is not there either, please contact us and we will reset your password and send you the necessary info manually.
  • Please ensure both the username and password you are trying matches the info within the email. Try the links within the forgot password email. They should take you directly into your account area (bypassing the login area).
  • Once you are in your Renters Vine account, select Edit My Account, to update all your info.
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